Xplor Fuego


With an environment made up of torches, fire rings and the wonderful sky of the Mexican Caribbean, get ready to enjoy the adventure through the air on the zip lines, to travel extreme roads in the amphibians, and float or swim in rafts through the rivers underground.

Check-in: From 17:30 pm

What activities can you do?

Zip-lines: Fly through the sky lit by the moon and stars, go over the hanging bridges and enjoy a unique landscape.

 A circuit of seven zip lines.

 The highest zip line is at 45 m elevation.

Hammock landing: Cool off in a fun cenote, sliding through a Tyrolean hammock and immerse yourself in the fun.

Amphibious Vehicles: Drive on a mysterious adventure touring caverns, crossing suspension bridges, and trails in the fun amphibians. In a landscape lit by hundreds of torches.

Swimming in a river of stalactites: Discover the wonderful rock formations on a path full of stalactites and stalagmites in the caverns of Xplor park.

400 meter route.

Restrictions: Some attractions have restrictions, we list them below

Zip lines:

Minimum weight: 40 kg.

Maximum weight: 136 kg.

Harness circumference capacity: 130cm waist, 70 leg.

Children: The harness must fit properly or the activity will not be possible.


The maximum weight in double hammocks: 130 kg.

Maximum individual weight: 80 kg.

Minimum age: 6 years.

Amphibious vehicles:

They can only drive over 18 years (valid official identification).

2 adults and 2 children per amphibian.

Use of mandatory safety equipment.

I swim in stalactite river

400 meters of journey.

Use of mandatory life jacket.

Emergency exits every 100 meters.


Mandatory safety equipment and elements: helmet, rafts and paddles.

Included services:

Buffet food and unlimited drinks.

Access to the zip line circuit.


 Access to amphibious vehicle circuit.

 Access to the underground river circuit in rafts.

 Access to the swimming circuit by the underground river.

 Use of helmet, vest and harness.

 Use of locker.

 Rest areas, bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Important information:

Wear comfortable beach clothes, a bathing suit, and water shoes.

If you have heart problems, fear of heights, recent surgery, back pain, get dizzy easily or have a weight greater than 136 kg, certain activities in the Park are not recommended.

The use of sunscreen and tanning lotion containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide is only allowed in the Park.

Departure Time: The park's departure time is at 11:30 p.m.

If you hire our private transportation, one of our operators will be waiting for you at the park exit.

Go ahead and live a great adventure and let us be part of it.

We are waiting for you soon.